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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are SSC Cartridges safe to use in vintage guns?
    Unless otherwise stated, our shells are normally safe to use in vintage guns that have been inspected by a reputable gunsmith. Never fire any cartridge through an old gun that has not been cleared at by at least one gunsmith. SSC cartridges are loaded at very low pressures to make sure that our cartridges do not damage these vintage guns.
  • Can I use your cartridges in semi-automatic firearms?
    This will vary widely depending on your gun. Most of the time, our shells do not reach pressures high enough to cycle most autoloaders, however, that is not to say some guns won't cycle them.
  • Do you make any other cartridges other than 12 gauge?
    For the time being, we do not. However, we have big plans to grow and expand our product offering. All of your support goes back into the business to grow our capabilities. We are planning on beginning expansion with 16ga 2.5". That is a huge goal of ours in 2023.
  • Can I find you in any gun shops?
    At the moment, our cartridges are only available online or through very select partners.
  • Do you offer any shot sizes other than #6 and #8?
    Currently we do not. However, The Quail and The Grouse are our initial offerings. We fully plan and expect to offer a full line of shot sizes in the future.
  • Does SSC manufacture non-toxic shells?
    Currently, we do not. But these are on the list for product expansion. As with our other shells, our non-toxic products will certainly be safe to use in vintage firearms.
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