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Founded by Jake Shenk in 2022, Shenk Shotshell Co. was created to offer discerning sportsmen the finest shell available for double guns. Located in South Central Pennsylvania, SSC cartridges are made using only the highest grade components and manufactured by hand to ensure the ultimate consistency. We use low pressure powders paired with premium shot so our shells hit hard but still remain safe to shoot through vintage guns (even Damascus barrels). However, always consult a trusted and reputable gunsmith before shooting a vintage firearm. Even the lightest, lowest pressure rounds can be unsafe in a damaged firearm. 

We currently are only offering 12 Gauge 2 1/2" loads. However, SSC plans to expand into a wide range of gauges and lengths to suit a variety of purposes. 



The perfect cartridge starts with top of the line components. In the shotshell world, there are no better component manufacturers than the Italians. All of our components are sourced from Italy and assembled in the United States. 

We use premium hulls designed for light loads and manufacture our shells with wads designed for use in the field. Extensive pattern development was done in order to perfect our game cartridges. We're confident that Shenk Shotshell Co cartridges pattern extremely consistently at upland game distances. 

The final, and most important, component is our shot. We purposefully do not load with standard drop tower lead, but with a chilled shot that is far more consistent than traditional shot. The manufacturing process yields shot that has a more consistent shape and has far better terminal ballistic performance. Of course, our shot is more than safe for your vintage guns, even Damascus barrels.

As always, consult a trusted and reputable gunsmith before shooting any vintage firearm. 

We believe in the marriage of the human eye and the precision of machine manufacturing. Shenk Shotshells are made using top of line, small batch loading machines from Italy and are run by trained craftsmen. Our machinery is not designed to produce hundreds of thousands of cartridges a day. These are presses that produce small batch, highly consistent, beautiful cartridges under the watchful eye of our craftsmen. Any shotshell loader will tell you how difficult consistent and beautiful crimps are, and we challenge you to find any manufacturer with better crimps than Shenk Shotshell Co. 

Every shell is hand checked before leaving our facility to ensure you are getting only the finest shell available for your firearms. Our process and manufacturing philosophy is simple: we do not compromise quality for quantity. 

You're shooting firearms from gun makers that had that same philosophy. Why would you ever disgrace them with cartridges that weren't made with that same dedication?


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